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 Protect your trade secrets by implementing a solid TSCM( Electronic Counter Measures)plan.

The world of industrial espionage has grown multi-fold as each competitor strives to solidify their piece of the business pie.

Through the use of a solid TSCM PLAN with proper equipment and trained professionals, you can keep your trade secrets safe from those that would love to know what you are doing and how you plan to get there. 

GLOBAL PI SUPPLY has the right equipment to keep your business safe. High end Recording and bugging equipment can be placed anywhere. Be sure to have a trained professional do regular "SWEEPS" of your premises.

For your phone lines, implement to use of a TALAN Analyzer. Be sure your phone lines are not compromised. 









Conduct or have have regular SWEEPS conducted by a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL using: 




Non-Linear Junction detector 2.4:



Oscor Analyzers:


Board Rooms should be swept on a regular basis and White Nose Generators implemented:

There are also smaller - personal units that can be used on a regular basis to check for a wide range of  bugging - listening devices.