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Sellers and Suppliers of the Best in Class Private Investigator Equipment and Surveillance Products


Global PI Supply is an international supplier of wired, wireless, covert and overt camera products. To add to the covert line of camera products, we also carry the personal sized mini DVRs to make your body worn camera systems complete. Many of these units have the facility of showing the time-date stamps on the video.

We understand that considering the safety and security of a particular individual or groups of individuals, GPS tracking is surely the need of the hour. If that is what you need too, then you certainly have visited the right place. We carry a wide range of GPS real time vehicle tracking and logging units which are an asset to fleet management companies, vehicle rentals, asset protection and many other applications using it.

Are you worried about work place or residence being bugged? We, at Global PI Supply, have bug detectors and LAW ENFORCEMENT Grade Sweep Equipment products at very affordable prices suitable for every person from the the novice to the experienced. 

With the passage of time and the development in technology at every aspect, Digital and Analog audio recorders are also making a very progressive change and so are we. As new technology is available, GLOBAL PI SUPPLY moves forward with it.

Let us know what your needs are and we will get back to you with the exact products matching your requirements.

This is just a briefing about what we, Global PI Supply, consist of – the best in class for personal security and investigative equipment in the industry. Many of the items, which are included in our site, have been personally used by either our Private Investigators at Golden West Investigative Group Ltd or close associates successfully.

Our Convenient Product Category Menu consists of:

  • Wired Covert Cameras
  • Wireless Covert Cameras
  • Tracking Systems - GPS Systems 
  • Counter-Measures Equipment - (TSCM) - High End Professional
  • Cost Effective Bug Detectors
  • Digital and Analog Audio Recorders
  • Audio and Telephone Security
  • Video recorders-DVR and 120v
  • Voice Changers and listening Devices
  • Miscellaneous Items
  • New items
  • Personal Security Aids / Devices
  • Products Specials
  • Return Policy

cpm700 wand
Talan Analyser dpa7000 for phone line security
iTrail Personal GPS Tracker with SOS
non-linera junction detector nje400a
Oscor 500e