DD3200 cell phone detector

ITEM: Cell Phone and GPS Detector Simple - DD3200

The DD3200 is an ideal detection device for the novice user.
Its basic operation make it easy to deploy when you need to locate a hidden GPS or Smartphone device.

Need to find Cell phones or hidden GPS devices?

• Detect cellular devices up to 30 ft away

• Vibration mode setting as well as audio alerts (with headphones)

• Detect GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA transmission ranges

Great for Teachers, correction officers, PI's , Police

Detection Mode: RF Power Peak Detection
Detection Frequencies: GSM 880-915MHz, CDMA 824-849MHz, WCDMA (1920-1980MHz), and DCS (1710-1785MHz)
Antenna: Dual band dipole omni-directional
Power: Li-battery (single, 1800mAh @ 3.7VDC)
Alert: Vibration and audible
Operation Time: 18-20 hours (on a single charge)
Weight: 110grams
Size: 96mm x 60mm x 24mm (120mm w/ antenna)
Download Manual
Dimensions: 4.375” L x 2.25” W x 0.875” H
Weight: 0lb 10oz

Price:(Map Pricing) $239.00 USD

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